HIV :HIV means Human Immuno Virus and Herpes are the two common sexually transmitted diseases. Being infected with genital herpes increases your chances of being infected by HIV that causes AIDS disease. The causative agent of Herpes is also a virus called Herpes simplex virus.

Herpes: Herpes is caused by HSV or herpes simplex virus. Once you get infected with the virus, then the virus remains in your cells for life. Hence even if your infection is not showing symptoms still, you transmit the virus to others. Herpes virus is of two types, both these viruses that can cause oral as well as the genital infection. The two types are: HSV-I & HSV-II, Oral herpes is marked by tingling, and painful blisters found in the regions like nostrils, roof of the mouth and the gums. But the most affected region is the edge of the lips where the edge meets the skin surface. Genital herpes has the symptoms such as painful blisters in the region such as genitals and anal area. The condition is accompanied by fever, headache and muscle ache.

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